Most of our work comes through word of mouth. We are delighted with the feedback we have received so far, and thank our clients for the generosity of their comments and for having given us the opportunity to work with them.
  • “Tara Cooke was a wonderful architect to work with. From the start she brought striking ideas to the project, for instance the elegant French doors which connect the kitchen and the garden and in a climate where building contractors and suppliers were faced with cash flow problems, some so severe that they led them to close their doors, Tara managed the build with alacrity. A deep understanding of the problems encountered, that legendary patience of hers and a desire to go the extra mile to bring things to a happy conclusion for all, worked like a charm. Over two years later, I am still thrilled with the house every day and full of thanks to Tara for the work she put into it.”

    Bettina, March 28, 2012

  • We were amazed at the versatility of the plan which more than met all our requirements. Tara maintained personal supervision throughout the contact to ensure the smooth execution of the work by the the builder and contractors. She kept me informed of any problems which involved additional costs and made suggestions to reduce other costs with the result that we came in under budget. Our favourite part of the renovation was the opening up of the dining room and kitchen to give a single bright and spacious area.” “We would certainly recommend Tara to any client.”

    Leonard, Deansgrange, 14th April 2012.

  • “Tara has developed considerable knowledge and experience in low energy and sustainable building design and as professional colleagues we have shared our developing knowledge in response to the fast changing regulatory environment.”… “I recommend Tara very highly as a competent and experienced architect with a wealth of experience. Her personality, creative design abilities and strong work ethic make her an ideal choice.”

    Jay Stuart RIBA, Managing Director,
    DW EcoCo, 26 February 2012

  • “When we started working with you we didn’t realise the intricacies of the work to be done. We were lucky that you were there to guide us through the ins & outs and micro-manage the finer points. Your knowledge and research on the latest developments/trends in external insulation, heating systems, windows and so much more was (is) fantastic. Its unlikely that we would have found ourselves with such a fine home had we been left to our original ideas &/or “own devices”. The concepts that you presented on paper that were difficult to envisage, particularly the impact of additional light in the family room/living area, really came through. It makes the entire downstairs of the house much brighter. Everyone comments on it. The windows that you recommended are ideal and the sky-lights bring extra light exactly where its needed. I guess that it is true to say that the smart option is to listen to the expert(s)…!””Thanks again for everything.”

    Conn, Dun Laoghaire, 26th April 2012



"I recommend Tara very highly as a competent and knowledgable architect with a wealth of experience.”

Jay Stuart RIBA, Managing Director, DW



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